OBL Solicitors Data Protection – GDPR Statement MAY 2018

Protecting Data

The protection of your privacy is the utmost importance to us and we follow the latest privacy regulations through the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) in terms of collection, handling and utilisation of data.

OBL Solicitors has a Data Protection Policy which details the confidentiality of information supplied, collected, sorted and used is compliant with citizens’ rights, legislation and data protection regulations (including the recent GDPR regulations of May 2018).

As both a data controller, and processor, OBL Solicitors must, and does, comply with data protection principles as set out in the relevant Irish, and EU, legislation, namely;

  • The Irish Data Protection Act (2018)
  • GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

Data includes a combination of identification elements, both personal and sensitives, held in manual and automated form. All data is treated with equal care and security.

Utilisation of website

If you are using our website we do not require any personal data. However, in cases where we need your e-mail address, name and address as well as other information in order to deliver the desired service; for example, establishing contacts with us though our various forms.

How OBL Solicitors Manages this Process

  • OBL Solicitors is committed to ensuring that all staff members have sufficient awareness of the legislation to be able to anticipate and identify a data protection issue.
  • OBL Solicitors has a Data Protection Office (DPO) and employs the services of Data Protection Consultants to ensure compliance is met at all times.