OBL was founded by highly-regarded lawyers Michael Lynam and Jack O’Brien in 1999 and began as O’Brien Lynam Solicitors. Since then OBL has grown to become one of the most successful business-orientated law firms in Ireland.

Our success is due to the fact that we hand-pick only the very best lawyers to join our firm and we invest in building a strong, dedicated, hard-working team. It is our belief that a strong teamwork ethic and practical ‘can-do’ approach to tasks and problem-solving is essential to an effective service.

Our services are all partner-led and our solicitors are available and accessible at all times. This is an approach particularly valued amongst business and banks to such a degree that we are now the law firm of choice for many leading UK-based companies, financial institutions and investors.

We place a great value on technology, technical skill and knowledge with on-going investment and allocation of resources to emerging practice areas.

OBL is a highly regarded law firm in Dublin and we have the reputation to prove it.

We pride ourselves in our ability to meet new challenges in an ever changing environment.